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The Business Magazine for Women is currently undergoing a re-imagining. The new publication will be launching March 8th, 2023. We cannot tell you the new name yet, but we can tell you that it will be a more representative title, a clearer mission, a larger vision, and built on sustainable long-term partnerships. 

Under the current banner, the magazine is featuring the voices of women in business, tech, STEM, sports, arts and culture, and politics. For relevant stories and to meet the amazing women that are shaping the business and the tech world, subscribe below. You will have the opportunity sign up/out of the new publication, once it comes out. 

We are changing the way that women are portrayed in the media, so that we can change the way that women are portrayed in business, tech, and therefore, in our society.

Catch up on your reading of the website articles, podcasts, video interviews, and make sure to check out our award-winning issues: 


Here's a quick preview of what to expect in Issue 4:

Issue 4 

Kimberly Hambuchen – NASA, Robotics
Kamales Lardi – Blockchain
Sukhi Jutla – Cryptocurrency
Margaret Mayer – Capital One, AI

Alyssa Carson – astronaut in training

Jill Pavlak and Deb Loch – Urban Growler Brewery

Claudia Romo Edelman – United Nations, UNESCO, We are all Human
Jamille Bigio – Council on Foreign Relations

Helen Frankenthaler – world renown abstract artist
Jill Hakala – contemporary abstract painter

Nicholas Haines – Five Institute, #NoMoreBoxes Movement
David Smith – US Naval War College, Athena Rising

Abbey Donnell – Work & Mom
Alina Kravchenko – Swipe ’n Snap
Lisbeth Hinkle – The Good Yoga Project
Megan Eddings – Accell Lifestyle


Issue 5 - ANEW - afresh, in a new way, in a different way, from the beginning. 
The issue will appear under our new publication banner, in November 2023. 

This issue will set the stage for the new vision we have for the publishing industry, media in general, its impact on our society and its norms, and specifically on what our magazine's role is going to be, how what we'll do will impact you, the individual reader, the corporate world, and all future generations of leaders. 

Issue 6 - The Future of Work
The leading voices, organizations, trends, and the profitability of adapting to the needs of the employee, as the smallest and yet most crucial entity in any P&L statement.   

For business collaborations, article submissions, sponsorships requests for your company or your thought-leader, please contact our editor

Please keep in mind the main theme of each issue, and submit accordingly. All issues will have the regular columns for #womeninbusiness, #womenintech, #womeninarts, and depending on space, #womenpolitics, #womeninsports, etc.
If you have an amazing article showcasing a role-model working to better our world, please send it to our editor any time, for publication on our website, or a future issue of the magazine.

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